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Faculty News

  • Betty Birner was interviewed for an article in Fast Company.  The article is titled "How Language Shapes Our Perception of Reality."
  • Ibis Gomez-Vega has published an essay titled "Censoring the Essentialist Call of the Wild in Amy Newman's 'Darwin's Unfinished Notes to Emma.'" Journal of American Studies in Turkey 48 (Spring 2018): 45-63.  The essay is based on a poem written by Amy Newman.
  • Style, Vol 52. #1 & # 2 (Spring 2018), a double issue, guest edited by Prof James Phelan (Ohio State English Dept and editor, Narrative):  1) Phelan’s `Target Essay: Authors Resources Audiences;’  2) Responses to the TE from some 25 scholars from Europe, China, & North America;  3) Phelan’s `Rejoinders’ to each. Plus a book review by NIU’s own Ph.D., Brian Edwards:  “Kay Redfield Jamison’s Robert Lowell -- Setting the River on Fire: A Study of Genius, Mania, and Character.”
  • Style, Vol 52.3 (Summer 2018), Essays & reviews on films, on Post-Apocalyptic fiction; Les Rouages de l’intrigue; and on the fiction of Poe, O’Connor, Melville & Conrad, and Shirley Jackson, as well as on American poetry, 1979-2012, and the writings  of Dickinson, and Chaucer. 
  • There is a book review of Kay Redfield Jamison's new:  Robert Lowell:  Setting the River on Fire -- A Study of Genius, Mania, and Character (2018), and reviewed by NIU's own Ph.D., Dr. Brian Edwards, author of Mood Spectrum in Graham Greene (2015).
  • Scott Balcerzak’s new book Beyond Method: Stella Adler and the Male Actor has been published by Wayne State University Press.
  • Jessica Reyman’s “Open Access and the Economics of Scholarship in Rhetoric and Composition Studies” (co-authored with Mike Edwards) has been published in the journal Rhetoric Review 37.2 (2018).
  • Jessica Reyman was interviewed for a special issue of the journal Present Tense on the “Rhetoric of Platforms.” Read the interview: “Rhetoric, Responsibility, and the Platform: An Interview with Jessica Reyman"
  • Alex Bennett's edited collection, The Collected Works of Jane Cavendish is now in print. It was published by Routledge Press.
  • Joe Bonomo just signed a contract for his next book, No Place I Would Rather Be: Roger Angell, a Writer’s Life in Baseball. It will be published by University of Nebraska Press in Spring 2019!
  • Tim Crowley has an article, "Sidney's Legal Patronage and the International Protestant Cause," forthcoming in Renaissance Quarterly (University of Chicago Press) (2019).

Student News

  • Jennifer Fife is the 2018-2019 recipient of the Jr. Schriber Scholar Award from the Department of English!
  • The following undergraduate students are the 2018-2019 scholarship/award winners in English:
    • Orville and Adra Baker English Scholarship: Maria Gonzalez
    • John C. and Judith M. Gurley Scholarship: Margaret Hitchcock
    • Rosalie Hewitt Scholarship in English Katie Simpson
    • Marjorie K. Winters Scholarship: Savanna Weitzel
    • Lynne Waldeland Scholarship in English: Catherine Carter and Brooklynn Gosnell 
    • Orville Baker Essay Awards:
      • First Place: Hailey Johnson, a tie for “‘The Past and Future Merge To Meet Us Here’: Convergence of High Art and Pop Culture in Beyoncé’s Lemonade” (ENGL 304, taught by Ryan Hibbett) and “If the Form Vanishes…” (ENGL 493, taught by Joe Bonomo)
      • Second Place: Maritza Huerta for “‘To live, love, and fully heal’ in Jonah’s Gourd Vine: Black marital relationships post-slavery” (ENGL 381, taught by Tim Ryan)
      • Third Place: Lenora Murphy for “‘Anything Coming Back to Life Hurts’: An Analysis of Rebirth in Toni Morrison’s Beloved” (ENGL 200, taught by Deborah DeRosa)
    • Richard H. Howland Poetry Writing Award: Sze Ying Lim
    • Mike and Anne Malone Award for Short Fiction: Sze Ying Lim for “Remember December 31”
    • Jeannie A. Hainds Award for Teacher Licensure in English: Ashley Liggins, Zahra Muhsin, and Amanda Riley
    • CLAS Exemplary Student Teacher Awards: Stephen Brejcha and Melissa McCarter
    • Dean’s Award: Ryan Janovic

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